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Thai-language Legal Analytics and AI Solution Provider

Law is the critical operating system of our society that touches everyone and every business. Legal services market is, financially, also one of the largest industries. However, legal information and processes are very underdigitzied, and legal professionals don’t have nearly enough technology to assist with their work. Moreover, there are still many people who don’t have access to law or don’t even understand law.

At ACAYA, we aim to change all that by re-defining, re-designing, and re-engineering the foundation of legal technology - using the latest technology and research in computer science. It’s time to upgrade our legal OS.

We help companies and legal professionals capitalize on their data using data science and AI technology. Our LAWLITY platform can transform unstructured text data from cluttered legal documents into meaningful and analyzable knowledge - enabling advanced discovery, analytic and visualization.

Turn Documents into Knowledge

Companies usually have tons of documents and emails that they can’t fully utilize, because it takes too much time and effort to dig through such data. LAWLITY automatically unifies, organizes, mines, and refines text data in documents, turning them into valuable and transferable knowledge waiting to be discovered and analyzed.

Legal Discovery, Analytic, and Visualization

Lawyers spend, on average, 60% of their time reading and researching text information from legislative and regulatory documents, legal contracts, written evidence, etc. - but achieving very limited insights. LAWLITY can help prepare knowledge and information to be analytic-ready, so lawyers can focus on more important and valuable tasks.

Good for Lawyers, Great for Enterprise, Best for Everyone

With LAWLITY - Lawyers can work easier and be more effective. Enterprise can manage collective knowledge efficiently and create more value. Everyone will get a better legal service from both internal legal departments and law firms.


In this Digital Age, Connected World, and Artificial Intelligence era, there has never been a more relevant time for us

Law & Deka in One Place

Whether it’s law documents or Dekas, LAWLITY has them all.

Upload Your Documents

Your documents are ready for you in LAWLITY.

Auto Categorize and Connect Documents

LAWLITY will categorize and connect documents automatically.

Comfortable and Precise Searching

Reach documents you seek easily with LAWLITY.

Visualize Data in The System

LAWLITY will Visualize your data for further analysis.

Highest Security

Because your documents are private and important, Lawlity makes sure that only you can access them.


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Manage your documents and data systematically

In the world of working online and big data, documents and data have become bigger and bigger. The problems about where to store your data and how to make it easier to find will be solved by using Lawlity system. Moreover, the information is well managed, categorized and searchable.

Access to your data anywhere

Many companies have already changed their working culture. Nowadays, the word “work from home” has become very familiar to everyone. Lawlity provides you the ability to access to your data anywhere and anytime.

Time and cost saving, more productivity

Working with Lawlity system can save your working hour and resources expense, which in turn produces more productivity and makes your company earn more profit.

Data privacy and security guarantee

Only you can access to your data


ACAYA consists of the team with expertise in many fields including AI and legal technology.

Prin M.

CEO & Co-Founder

Pakawat T.

CTO & Co-founder

Wipop P.

CDO & Co-founder

Panipak L.


Arthit K.

Front-End Developer

Songklod T.

Full-stack Developer

Trus S.

Full-stack Developer

Thananan J.

UI & UX Developer

Samitanan T.

Marketing Executive


Have questions about ACAYA or LAWLITY? Feel free to contact us using the channels bellow. We are always ready to support your business.

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